Fashion With A Character

A full head of untamed hair, her wardrobe a sea of colours and a vibrant energy is what you’ll notice when you first meet 21-year old Marichka Milord. A student of Saint Peter’s University majoring in Political Science and Communication, Marichka is a person who feels comfortable in her own skin and has a character of her own. Besides her majors of choice, she is also passionate about fashion.

“Fashion for me is more than just clothes. Fashion is how I express myself. It is how I tell people who I am,” said junior student Marichka Milord. She dresses for her mood, and depending on how she feels in the morning she will either wear bright and colourful outfits (and you’ll know she is happy) or darker colors (meaning she feels down.)

Marichka also feels Haiti, where she grew up, is a great influence on her style and why she has a love for vibrant, bright colours which not only express her good mood, but also match her energetic personality. She also sticks to traditional clothing such as the Haitian karabela dress made of a material which she describes as “very light and it feels so good.”

She likes to shop at places such as H&M, Forever 21, and (her favourite) Burlington, as well as thrift stores. Besides wearing colourful outfits her style includes flowy skirts, feminine shirts paired with a blazer, heels, and the scarf turned bow in her hair is a must.

Below you have a visual of Marichka Milord. It is the video I had to create (film and edit) for my latest school project. Hope you enjoy!

Adina Xx

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