How to do it right.

When it was time to name my blog last semester (and ultimately create it) I had trouble deciding. When I did settle for one, The Monochrome Files, I felt content but still had many questions. “Since monochrome is commonly defined by black and white pictures, then am I restricted to only posting black and white pictures? But then an outfit can also be monochrome, therefore I can post monochrome outfits not necessarily black and white photos.” I think you get the point. Besides, I had chosen my blog name and I wasn’t going to change it. I was going to worry about the rest later.

So far, I can say I’ve been doing alright. And by that I mean that I have been able to incorporate black and white into my blog posts, in a way that is not too repetitive. Or am I wrong?

Then, a few weeks later, when a text from friend popped up on my phone (during class I admit) saying, “We were just talking about monochrome in class and apparently it also means a variation of only one color,” I felt a sight of relief. This meant the doors to the possibilities of my blog posts just opened up a little more. I could post grey, navy, pink, and other colored outfits using all variations of one color, while sticking to my monochrome rule. Exciting, right!?

Now I leave you with one monochrome outfit, of the navy/blue kind, and I’ll be back with more fun ideas on how to do it (monochrome) right.

Chic or not?

Adina xx

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2 Responses to How to do it right.

  1. Professor D's J-School says:

    During my class???

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