Countdown to No.1.

Since fashion MONTH just came to an end, I would say it is appropriate to have a top 5 list of the upcoming season’s fashion trends- Spring Summer 2014.

5. Crop tops have been a must recently, throwing back to the 1980 when Madonna caused controversy by showing her midriff in the music video “Lucky Star” and they are here to stay. Those of brave enough to show their hard-worked-at-the-gym tummies can sport this trend no problem. If you’re not feeling confident enough, a crop top layered over a tank is just as cool, and a blazer over a crop-top and a high-waisted skirt or pants gives you enough layering to feel comfortable and edgy at the same time.

Blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing Calvin Klein total look at New York Fashion Week.

At number 4, you can still show some skin in the form of a peek-a-boo sheer top. You basically trick people into thinking you are, but hey, a layer is a layer.

Alexander Wang.

Trend number 3 is one you can play around with as you wish. Graphics are fun, they add a pop to an outfit or they can be the outfit. Dress yourself in graphics this Spring and Summer because you can.

Edun, a graphic mix-and-match.

Now this would not be a trend report if we didn’t embellish a little. For a touch of glam at number 2 you can pick the item of your choice- from an embellished skirt to a top to a dress to a pair of cinderella shoes- and shine all day.

Wes Gordon.

1.5. For the cutesy type- but not only- florals are what you’ll want to wear. Go for a full look in a ladylike dress or matching top and skirt a la Cher Horowitz and not because you are Clueless, but because you know who you are.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2014

Lastly, we are at number 1 and we must evaluate the last trend (for now): are you willing to wear the pants!? Yes, ladies, I am talking about masculine tailoring. Its popularity has grown on both the catwalk and red carpet and what’s the harm in a woman wearing a suit? A pair of stilettos, red lipstick and some accessories are your go-to for a balance between masculine and feminine.

Saint Laurent

Seen on the red carpet.

Photos from,,,

Remember that even if you follow a trend, you can always make it your own!

Adina Xx

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One Response to Countdown to No.1.

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    I agree with all of these! And love Chiara ferragni – her style is impeccable.

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