Q & A with Ivana

One of the projects for Multimedia Reporting this week was to create an audio slideshow- topic of our choice. Prior to this, I have never made any video nor slideshow in my life, besides the occasional Vine or Instagram [in which I am allowed from 6 to 15 seconds to act stupid or let others do it for me.] But this project was more serious. I had to learned how to use Final Cut Pro in as short as one to two 50 minute classes, how to: cut, trim, blade and range (I am still stuck up on this one) photos and audio clips.

As for the topic, I wanted to relate it to my blog, therefore fashion and personal style. And what better than to follow my friend around the city while she searches for the right pair of shoes and clothing for her upcoming graduate school interviews. How’s that for great timing. While we were at it, I thought why not interview her myself? So read further to find out more about my friend Ivana and her shopping experience.

The Monochrome Files(me): Tell me, what are you looking for today?

Ivana: Well, last week I bought a pair of dress pants and two blazers, so now I need a pair of nice, simple shoes and some blouses. 

T.M.F.: What exactly are you interviewing for?

I.G.: I am interviewing at a few genetic counseling masters’ programs.

T.M.F.: How about your everyday look?

I.G.: I like to dress very casually throughout the school year, for example a comfy pair of jeans and a sweater during the winter. During the summer I choose flowery dresses and jean shorts with simple tops. Converse is a must in any outfit any season, rain or shine!

T.M.F.: Wow, that sounds quite different from what an interview attire should be!

I.G.: Yeah, it is quite different from the typical office wear. I was pretty hesitant at the beginning because I don’t dress formally. I didn’t think I’d find comfort in business attire. Luckily, I was able to find some great pieces that are formal but still staying true to my style. 

[Later in the day]

T.M.F.: What would you say is your favourite piece out of everything you bought?

I.G.: Oh, that’s easy! Definitely the pink blazer is my favourite. The soft shade of pink and the structured shape the perfect combination to set me apart but still keep me looking professional.

T.M.F.: Now that you’ve found what you were looking for, do you feel more prepared? 

I.G.: Absolutely! I feel more confident, more grown-up. I’ve been told often times that I look like an 18-year old, but now I feel more my age, and ready to take on the real world!

P.S. Photos and audio slideshow coming soon!

Adina Xo

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