Wear it like Beckham.

I say wear it like Beckham, as opposed to “Bend it like Beckham”-the movie, referring to no other than european football player David Beckham. But here, we will talk about his partner in crime, Victoria Beckham.
vb collageEver since her fashion collection debut in 2008, Victoria Beckham has maintained her classic designs and worked materials such as silk and organza into her collections. From the first few shows, one could see Posh’s style staple: tight, fitted and below-the-knee. She, however, decided to keep her collections’ style changing while continuing to create a sophisticated cut and fit.

More recently, 2013, the designer took a turn and delivered a more masculine look for her collections; tailored, simple, sometimes sporty even.

2014 then arrived and it’s as if she designed the Fall Collection knowing I’ll be writing a blog on “all things fashionable in black and white.” To bring back a softer and more feminine touch in her clothing, Victoria added golden chains and organza flowers to finish some of the outfits. Models wore either black and white pumps or pointy oxfords and simple, middle-parted updos to complete the looks, letting the sophisticated designs speak for themselves.

vb collage 2vb collage 2014

Photos from Style.com http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/slideshow/F2014RTW-VBECKHAM| Collages by me.

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One Response to Wear it like Beckham.

  1. Professor D's J-School says:

    Wow, who knew black and white would be so trendy!

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