The Scarf Detail

Sometimes taking away the color of an object really lets the eye focus on the detailing of that object.

Shown here is a hand-made silk scarf I purchased a few years ago in Bali. I mostly wear it around my neck to brighten my otherwise dark choice in clothing, but a scarf is not only a scarf. It can be worn in different ways, as a headband or wrapped around the wrist, depending on your preference. Some things to keep in mind when purchasing a scarf are the quality of the material (it should be of good quality if worn directly on skin,) size (depending on how you would like to wear it,) and lastly, color.

Had I shown it to you in its original colors, a combination of rose pink, red, green, and blue, your eyes would have shifted their focus to the colors. Instead, I want you to take a virtual look at the material and stitch detailing of this small accessory.

Photo 29-01-2014 16 24 40

What do you mostly look for when purchasing a scarf?

Feel free to leave your comments.

Adina Xo

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