Fashion With A Character

A full head of untamed hair, her wardrobe a sea of colours and a vibrant energy is what you’ll notice when you first meet 21-year old Marichka Milord. A student of Saint Peter’s University majoring in Political Science and Communication, Marichka is a person who feels comfortable in her own skin and has a character of her own. Besides her majors of choice, she is also passionate about fashion.

“Fashion for me is more than just clothes. Fashion is how I express myself. It is how I tell people who I am,” said junior student Marichka Milord. She dresses for her mood, and depending on how she feels in the morning she will either wear bright and colourful outfits (and you’ll know she is happy) or darker colors (meaning she feels down.)

Marichka also feels Haiti, where she grew up, is a great influence on her style and why she has a love for vibrant, bright colours which not only express her good mood, but also match her energetic personality. She also sticks to traditional clothing such as the Haitian karabela dress made of a material which she describes as “very light and it feels so good.”

She likes to shop at places such as H&M, Forever 21, and (her favourite) Burlington, as well as thrift stores. Besides wearing colourful outfits her style includes flowy skirts, feminine shirts paired with a blazer, heels, and the scarf turned bow in her hair is a must.

Below you have a visual of Marichka Milord. It is the video I had to create (film and edit) for my latest school project. Hope you enjoy!

Adina Xx

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A repost.

This week’s blog assignment was to repost or share someone else’s article. So I am choosing to repost/share Kristina Bazan’s “Pure Magic” post. She is the writer of Kayture, at Ever since I started following her blog a while back, I was immediately impressed with, aside from her striking beauty, the quality of her work and (mainly) the quality of her photographs taken by her boyfriend James. They are both Swiss, after all, organization and perfection must run in their blood.

As you’ll see below, the reason I chose to share “Pure Magic”- besides that it is one of her latest posts and she is a wearing a perfectly monochrome outfit- is because she talks about how most readers, including herself, are always looking for different dimensions in a blog: lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travels. The point she makes is that she has been looking to expand her blog and to create more sections such as food, health, beauty and more. What is great about presenting different dimensions on a blog is that it allows the reader to see how a blogger’s fashion style grows, to learn more health tips, skin care and make-up tricks, hidden talents, and to visually experience a blogger’s travel diaries. And I couldn’t agree more. The more you have to offer to your readers, the more interested they will be to read and what is even better, is that it is a place where people can share tips and ideas with each other.

Now, I leave with you Kayture’s article and a few pictures and see it for yourself…




“It’s been so interesting to read your comments about my previous post! I’ve been definitely more and more interested to integrate on Kayture more lifestyle content, and especially more informative content. As much as I adore being inspired by beautiful fashion pictures, I feel like as a reader, you, me, everybody, is looking for some extra information. And I am so interested to write more about food, lifestyle, health, beauty and who knows… Many other different things. I don’t want to tell too much but we are definitely working on it and all I can say is that you should stay updated…!

Our tickets to Los Angeles are booked and we will be back in the city of Angels for a whole month in April in order to attend the Coachella music festival! There are so many incredible artists I can’t wait to hear and meet. I am sure it’s going to be an extremely inspiring experience that will give me a lot to think about. Since we came back from Los Angeles, I’ve been writing to new lyrics and melodies constantly. Feeling so inspired and refreshened. L.A is definitely the heart of entertainment business and I can’t wait to work on my music there  I am excited and happy like a clam to go back.

This look is my definition of ideal black and white combo on a sunny afternoon. As we were having meetings by Alfred’s coffee (you guys NEED to go there, one of my fav places for a chai latte and some healthy juices by Pressed) I decided to go for a chic yet quite effortless pick : a basic Zara top and Cameo skirt that I got from Revolve, little tweed blazer and my beloved Valentino bag that just seems to match half of my closet. Also I am soooo into ear cuffs. But wait. Not all of them. Just the super sleek, minimalistic ones à la Repossi. It just seems to add the perfect dose of “edgy” to a look that’s quite elegant. It’s all about finding the right balance!”

-Kristina Bazan, 

All photos taken from

Adina Xx

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How to do it right.

When it was time to name my blog last semester (and ultimately create it) I had trouble deciding. When I did settle for one, The Monochrome Files, I felt content but still had many questions. “Since monochrome is commonly defined by black and white pictures, then am I restricted to only posting black and white pictures? But then an outfit can also be monochrome, therefore I can post monochrome outfits not necessarily black and white photos.” I think you get the point. Besides, I had chosen my blog name and I wasn’t going to change it. I was going to worry about the rest later.

So far, I can say I’ve been doing alright. And by that I mean that I have been able to incorporate black and white into my blog posts, in a way that is not too repetitive. Or am I wrong?

Then, a few weeks later, when a text from friend popped up on my phone (during class I admit) saying, “We were just talking about monochrome in class and apparently it also means a variation of only one color,” I felt a sight of relief. This meant the doors to the possibilities of my blog posts just opened up a little more. I could post grey, navy, pink, and other colored outfits using all variations of one color, while sticking to my monochrome rule. Exciting, right!?

Now I leave you with one monochrome outfit, of the navy/blue kind, and I’ll be back with more fun ideas on how to do it (monochrome) right.

Chic or not?

Adina xx

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Countdown to No.1.

Since fashion MONTH just came to an end, I would say it is appropriate to have a top 5 list of the upcoming season’s fashion trends- Spring Summer 2014.

5. Crop tops have been a must recently, throwing back to the 1980 when Madonna caused controversy by showing her midriff in the music video “Lucky Star” and they are here to stay. Those of brave enough to show their hard-worked-at-the-gym tummies can sport this trend no problem. If you’re not feeling confident enough, a crop top layered over a tank is just as cool, and a blazer over a crop-top and a high-waisted skirt or pants gives you enough layering to feel comfortable and edgy at the same time.

Blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing Calvin Klein total look at New York Fashion Week.

At number 4, you can still show some skin in the form of a peek-a-boo sheer top. You basically trick people into thinking you are, but hey, a layer is a layer.

Alexander Wang.

Trend number 3 is one you can play around with as you wish. Graphics are fun, they add a pop to an outfit or they can be the outfit. Dress yourself in graphics this Spring and Summer because you can.

Edun, a graphic mix-and-match.

Now this would not be a trend report if we didn’t embellish a little. For a touch of glam at number 2 you can pick the item of your choice- from an embellished skirt to a top to a dress to a pair of cinderella shoes- and shine all day.

Wes Gordon.

1.5. For the cutesy type- but not only- florals are what you’ll want to wear. Go for a full look in a ladylike dress or matching top and skirt a la Cher Horowitz and not because you are Clueless, but because you know who you are.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2014

Lastly, we are at number 1 and we must evaluate the last trend (for now): are you willing to wear the pants!? Yes, ladies, I am talking about masculine tailoring. Its popularity has grown on both the catwalk and red carpet and what’s the harm in a woman wearing a suit? A pair of stilettos, red lipstick and some accessories are your go-to for a balance between masculine and feminine.

Saint Laurent

Seen on the red carpet.

Photos from,,,

Remember that even if you follow a trend, you can always make it your own!

Adina Xx

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